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My Son's a Pipe Smoker!!!
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Only my Pipe Brethren would appreciate this...

Yesterday was a very, very special day for me. I took my 19 year old son to De La Concha (in NYC) to pick out his first pipe and accompanying tobacco!!! - on my very own birthday no less, how perfect is that?!?

He has been home from college (in his second year) for spring break (he attends SUNY Fredonia in westernmost NY State, on the banks of Lake Erie) for the last week. I noticed that he has shown an increased interest in my pipes this week which was unusual considering that he is such an anti-tobacco proponent. However, this week he was asking some intriguing questions so of course I "invited" him to give pipe smoking a try. To my surprise he accepted and we planned a trip to De La Concha for him to pick out his own pipe and tobacco and accessories.

At the shop, faced with a myriad of choices, he was very decisive and picked out this beautiful Butz Choquin smooth Canadian (price was right and within our target range for beginners!) He picked out some De La Concha's Marbella and Pieces of Eight to get started. I felt it was important for him to pick out his own rather than use one of my pipes and tobacco, in that way the new pipe is truly his and he knows that he personally picked it out for himself. Same with the tobaccos. He took a whiff of every jar and decided upon two blends to start. George, our buddy in the store was a great help and showed much patience!

We shared a bowl together for the very first time last night after returning from my parents for my birthday celebration. I showed him the basics. What a privilege to share a bowl with your son. It was a privilege that I was not able to enjoy with my own Father, unfortunately.

A great and memorable moment in a Father's life... wanted to share it with you guys...

Happy Smokes today and always...,

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