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"Father of the Flame"  Film Documentary...

As per Mike "Doc" Garr of the UPCA, please take a visit out to the following site for a new film project in the works...

 Dear Lou,

Please forward to your membership:

Dan Croomer from the Kansas City Pipe Club recently had a post on the UPCA website about a documentary being made called "Father of the Flame." The trailer for the film is located here: It looks nicely done, but as the trailer states, it is an unfinished project. But you can help. See the trailer and find out how!

Bill Roberts Feature Articles

Our club continues to impress as I am also proud to present and point you to two wonderfully written articles by club member, Bill Roberts who is now writing feature articles for  Please be sure to visit for Bill’s insightful review of  G.L. Pease’s blend, Jackknife Plug Ready Rubbed  and for his fascinating look at the relationship between tea and tobacco in, A Brief History of Two Leaves: Tea and Tobacco

Vintages Project


Do you happen to know club member, Jon Guss?  Well did you also know he is one helluva researcher and author?

6/15/2013  UPDATE!!! I am proud to ask you to please be sure to check out Jon’s newest masterfully researched and written, How Many Angels?  Another Look at the Barling Transition, where Jon sheds new light on the storied brand, particularly the "Transition" period.  Please fine it here, courtesy of Neill Archer Roan's, A Passion For Pipes blog:
I am proud to ask you to please be sure to check out Jon’s masterfully researched and written, The History of  Sobranie and its Pipe Tobacco Blends complete with a priceless, Appendix: Dating of Sobranie Tobacco Tins, which comes to all of us courtesy of Neill Archer Roan’s, A Passion For Pipes blog.  Jon has collaborated with Neill on what Neill is calling the Vintages Project, an ongoing feature which will serve as a home for scholarship dedicated to research into the pioneers of classic pipes and vintage pipe tobaccos.  This is a must read for all and especially for lovers of those fabled blends and the folk-lore that has surrounded them.  Jon’s compendium can be found here:

12/22/2012  UPDATE!!!  Find all of Jon's work here: Jon Guss and the Vintages Project

Is smoking your pipe important to you?  I know it is.


Many of you are familiar with Neill Archer Roan and his popular and exceptionally written blog, Passion For Pipes.  Please take a moment to read this timely blog submission regarding the ever increasing erosion of our right to smoke our pipes and how you can take a stand against it and make your voice heard.  As our past president Mr. Vernon Vig has said, "We need to band together for strength in order to survive in an increasingly unfriendly atmosphere for pipe smokers" and now you can.  See Neill's message below and click on the link to be taken to the article.


As per Neill,


"Today's blog post concerns the increasing threat to our ability to smoke our pipes. I don't think we can afford to sit on the sidelines and hope that our elected officials will do the right thing. Clearly, that strategy has produced nothing worthwhile to date.


I hope you will click this link,


Please consider taking action. Don't assume others will do what you should do. 


Thanks for your consideration. I send you my best wishes for a Happy New Year.






I strongly urge you to join me in standing up for our rights as pipe smokers.  Read Neill's blog and decide for yourself.  Let us stand up for ourselves against this irrational wave and let our voices be heard!


Todd Platek just got back form the 2009 Chicago Pipe Show with a lot to say, as always.  This was his first Chicago show -

A Great Weekend at the Chicago Show


The Professor's Pipe Sweetening Treatment - a step-by-step guide, courtesy of Denis H. Congos -

The Professor's Pipe Sweetening Treatment


The Wall Street Journal published an article about young pipe smokes on page 1 - they even quoted our youngest member, Vernon Vig.  Here's a pdf of the article -

WSJ 2/20/09 article on young pipe smokers



You want to know what happened in Chicago in May 2008, and we want to tell you - 
2008 Chicagoland Pipe Show results and report by Lou Carbone

Another from Todd - if he keeps creating at this speed, we'll have to give him a web page of his own -
Taking Back Our Rights One Puff At A Time

Some new thoughts from Todd Platek -

This Passion of Ours


Here's a reflection by new member Todd Platek - welcome back to pipe smoking, Todd!

Good to be Back by Todd Platek


Here's our own version of step-by-step instruction in the Frank Method, lavishly illustrated and easy to follow:

NYPC teaches the Frank Method


Maxim Engel from had a great time with us in June 2008 - in fact, he had so much fun that he just had to write about it!
Maxim Engel visits the NYPC June 2008


The International Committee of Pipe Clubs (CIPC for you Francophiles) has a new brochure about the organization.  Read and learn here :
CIPC Brochure