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The History Channel TV show Modern Marvels presented a wonderful program on tobacco, and it included a five minute segment on tobacco pipes.  Here is a link to the video on YouTube. Modern Marvels Pipe Smoking video
Here is a wonderful article from New York Magazine in 1970, describing the many pipe shops to be found around midtown Manhattan in those bygone days.  Enough to make your mouth water, and maybe your eyes as well.  NY Pipe Shops in 1970
Corn cobs - who doesn't love you, doesn't know you.  Here is an article from Smokers Forums on everything cobbish.  There will be a test Thursday! Everything Corn Cob
 Everyone wants an easy draw, and here is a great illustrated article on how to open your pipes. Opening Airways
Here's a wonderful article from The Economist in 1998 reflecting on the dangers of a lack of tolerance for smokers.  Ironically, the only online version is to be found on an anti-smoking web site!  This is worth a read, especially for for them. Blowing Smoke from the Economist
The LA Times has a nice article about the original Tinderbox store in Sanata Monica.  80 years old and still smokin'!  Tinderbox in Santa Monica
A fun essay in Granta by Andrew Martin.  He suspects he might be the last new pipeman, but I'm not so sure.

Among the Pipemen

Here's a nice article about the Christopher Morley Pipe Club of Philadelphia, from December 2008 - Pipe Dreams Come True 

Dunhill Tobaccos - Still curious about the difference between Murray's and Orlik's blends?  Read this -

Murray's vs Orlik 
Heard about the Achim Frank Method of pipe packing but want to learn more?  In addition to the excellent step-by-step guide on our home page, here is a video by the master himself, in English, in two parts: Frank Method - pt. 1

Frank Method - pt. 2

While we're on the subject, here's our own version of step-by-step instruction in the Frank Method, lavishly illustrated and easy to follow:

NYPC teaches the Frank Method

If you haven't read My Lady Nicotine by J. M. Barrie, you don't know what you're missing.  Here's where you can download a copy from Project Guttenberg

My Lady Nicotine

And while you're at it, you should get the other side of the debate from King James himself, in his sternly written A Counterblaste to Tobacco -

A Counterblaste to Tobacco
Here's a detailed analysis by Lauren A. Colby of some of the "science" used by anti-smoking activists - In Defense of Smokers

And here are some critical thoughts by George Jonas on bending science to political ends -

Tyranny and Smoking


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