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Carnauba wax?
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Hi Sean,

Sorry it took so long to reply. Have you tried,

Pipemakers Emporium
21423 North 11th Avenue
Phoenix, Arizona 85027

Phone: 800-223-4798 or 623-445-2389 (Phoenix)
Fax: 877-348-9416

I know a member or two who have placed orders from them before.

Greetings NYPC Members! Just joined today, looking forward to meeting some of you July 14.
QUESTION: where does one find a simple bar of carnauba wax for buffing/polishing pipes? I found the Beall website, and they want $6 for the bar and $12 for shipping. Can't get my head around that. Must be somewhere to go in the Greater New York Metropolitan Area? Suggestions welcome...


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