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"You've taken the first step into a larger world" 
 O. W. Kenobi
Star Wars

 "So, you're saying that the pipe-smokers version of 'Think outside the box' would be 'Smoke outside the pipe??!'" 
 Overheard at a recent NYPC meeting





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The finished fill creates a 'super-plug,' which should feel very tight at the top. No tobacco will fall from the bowl when it is turned upside down. However, the draw will be remarkably unrestricted and may even feel too easy compared to traditional filling methods.


A note from Michael Bernhaut:
My experience with this method is that it greatly enriches my enjoyment of pipe smoking. My pipe now smokes all the way down easily. The aeration from this method reveals new flavors from all my tobaccos. Tamping and relighting are basically unnecessary until the very end of the smoke: the tamper drops through pulverized ash right to the bottom of the bowl. Each bowl lasts longer, is more enjoyable and forms a cake much quicker than the traditional method of filling. I've also noticed that no ash falls from the bowl if turned upside down.

For lighting, Mr. Frank recommends a triple flame torch lighter to create a complete and even light immediately with no tamping. The lighter must be pointed straight down at the bowl (avoiding an angle that might point the torch flame towards the walls of the bowl) using very quick ‘dabs’ of flame. Using this light requires caution, a bit of practice, and will probably be met with severe criticism from most. I use it carefully and swear by it for a perfect light after two or three quick contacts of the flame to the tobacco. Precise aim and quick removal are essential to protect the bowl of your pipe.