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Message From Louise Jones of Hermit Tobacco Works

Published on 1/6/2012

It is my privilege and honor to extend to you the following message I received today from Louise Jones of Hermit Tobacco Works regarding her appreciation to all of us for the tremendous outpouring of love and support she received upon the untimely loss of her husband and our friend, Jay Jones.  I am happy to say that Louise plans on being at the next NY Pipe Show in Newark, N.J. on March 10, 2012 to continue the great work she and Jay have contributed to our noble hobby.


As per Louise...


Dear Fellow Pipe Smokers,


        “Another Day in Paradise” is how we started each new day. On November 16, 2011 Jay Jones ascended to a Paradise like no other. With serene grace and dignity Jay died peacefully in the comfort of his home, embraced in love and devotion. Truly a reflection of all he believed in.


        Jay also believed in Hermit Tobacco Works Company. Together, with a simple pipe originally owned by Captain Earle, Jay and I envisioned and built our company over the years. Attending pipe shows, designing our website, and blending some of the finest tobacco blends ever. Jay was a Master of them all.


        We would end each day with “Live Life to the Fullest” and this is what I wish to share with you all. Hermit Tobacco will continue to be part of the Briar Brotherhood. To honor our gentle art of smoking, to appreciate all the uniqueness we have as pipe smokers and to relish each moment we have with our pipes, our tobacco and our friends.


        Thank you all for your kind words and sincere condolences. Thank you for your continued support of Hermit Tobacco Works Company.



Louise Pavonetti Jones