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Announcing the 2012 John Cotton Throwdown








Announcing the 2012 John Cotton Throwdown !!

Sponsored by the Sutliffe Tobacco Company      




Once again, the Seattle Pipe Club is in collusion with the New York Pipe Club, throwing down the tobacco blending gauntlet.  As Walt Disney said "It's kind of fun dong the impossible", so we challenged three master blenders to come as close as possible to recreating a legendary pipe tobacco.  Three knowledgable judges will evaluate their efforts.


Impossible?  That's what we call a tobacco blending Throwdown.  



The Challenge:

3 talented blenders compete using their skills to match the legendary John Cotton 1&2 Medium


• Neill Archer Roan

• Marty Pulvers

• Russ Ouellette (2011 Champion)


• Steve Books - House of Calabash

• Dick Silverman - Chief Catoonah

• Leonard Wortzel - Lane Limited

Don't forget - you vote for the People’s Choice Award:

FREE samples of all the challenger's blends Friday at the Pre-Show and Saturday morning in the Mega Center.


A limited supply of Original 28 year old John Cotton 1&2 will be for sale.

 Who will win? What delicious new tobaccos will be ours to savor? The event will be held once again in Chicago, and thIs year is sponsored by the Sutliffe Tobacco Company. The live judging and panel discussion is May 5th starting at 5:00 pm in the smoking tent.


Read all about it in Neill Archer Roann's fascinating blog A Passion For Pipes