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4th Annual (End of) Summer BBQ

Published on 9/25/2012

The 4th Annual NYPC (End of) Summer BBQ took place this year on September 8th at Hank Saatchi's and was a complete success.  We had roughly 22 in attendance, and if you missed it please allow me to encourage you to come out and join us next time - you won't be disappointed!


We want to take this opportunity to thank our beloved member Todd Platek and his family, for hosting the event for the past three years and we extend our appreciation for his gracious hospitality. We'd also like to thank his son, Nick,our BBQ Pitmaster, for serving up some succulent BBQ over those last three years!

The club enjoyed some ole fashioned Danish tobacco from the Scandinavik line of tobaccos and consisted of two blends: Skandinavik- Regular Cavendish and Skandinavik- Full Aroma Cavendish.  We savored these two blends in specially stamped for the day corn cob pipes, appropriately named, the Great Dane model, from Missouri Meerschaum, which were provided by the club and given to all in attendance.  Our beloved Hank, was our honored "Pit Master" and BBQ'd up some succulent delights which was enjoyed by all.


The highlight of the day was sampling some 50 - 60 year old Cope's Escudo, compliments of the generosity of our own, Bill Roberts, THANK YOU BIll!!!  As friend of the club, Les Young put it, the experience was transcendental!

The weather fully cooperated, somewhat, though storms were predicted and indeed showered upon us, but thanks to Hank's enclosed screen room we remained dry and we were even serenaded with a flute performance by our very own Alan Goldschmidt accompanied on the bongo by our own, Dan Silverstone!  We could not have asked for a better day.

A hearty New York Pipe Club "THANK YOU" goes out to Hank Saatchi for his wonderful hospitality in opening his yard and home to us.  We appreciate it!


Please check out the PHOTOS section for pictures of our fabulous day.

Be sure to join us next year!