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2/14/2013 UPDATE!!! WE DID IT!!! 2012 Sailorman Jack Zippo Lighter Campaign

Published on 2/14/2013
2/14/2013  UPDATE!!!

By now you should have received your beautiful 2012 Sailorman Jack Commemorative Zippo Lighter!!! 

WOW!!! That's what I have to say!  These lighters were done with a
jewelers-like quality to perfection!  They are just beautiful.  The
etching and the chrome shine is gorgeous!

Great job to Bert and thank you to all who voted this lighter in and who
followed up with an order to get it off the ground!

My heart felt THANK YOU to all who ordered and made this happen.  May I
say on behalf of us old timers at the NY Pipe Club who actually knew and
loved Jack, again, THANK YOU, you made us very happy for making it
possible to memorialize our founding member, first pres. and dear friend!

Enjoy the lighter and keep a fond memory of our Sailorman Jack each time
you use it!

Thank You again to all who placed orders and made it possible!

1/15/2013 UPDATE!!! 

63 Total Lighters Sold!!

THANK YOU for making it possible!!!

For all of you who have placed orders, please note a slight snafu in the lighter project but it is for the better due to the more preferred etching process of the design.  The lighter will not be brass but will be high polished chrome (see photo above).  As per Zippo, the etching process cannot be done in brass so it had to be done in chrome.

As per Bert Olton:

My apologies to all who've looked here.  I forgot that this lighter will be a high polished chrome Zippo.  The reason for the mix up is that our early art work assumed a brass lighter, but the rugged "etch and fill" finish for the art work is not possible on a brass lighter.  The reason we want the etch and paint finish is that it lasts far longer than other painted finishes and we thought this memorial edition deserved the best we could do.

Please visit the link below for more info and a photo of the lighter, you will not be disappointed and the etched design will last a lifetime.

Please see new link below:
Thank You once again for making this possible and for keeping the memory of our dear friend, founding member and first President alive and well!

"Fair Winds and Following Seas!"
Sailorman Jack
1938 - 2006

12/31/2012 UPDATE!!!  As of this date... WE DID IT, THANK YOU TO ALL!!!

1/07/2013 UPDATE: The order count at the 1/7 deadline reached a total of 61!  THANK YOU TO ALL who made it possible!!!
BTW, the spelling error in Jack's real name will be corrected on the lighters: Lawrence Kobak to Laurence Kobak.

1/02/2013 UPDATE!!! 2012 Sailorman Jack Zippo Lighter Campaign

12/28/2012 UPDATE!!!

The count is up to 47, only 3 more orders to go!!!

12/22/2012 UPDATE!!!


If any of you have held back on ordering one of this year's lighters, hesitate no longer - this one's gonna fly!

The count us up to 37.  Only 13 more needed for the factory minimum order of 50.

For pictures and ordering information, go to:

Best regards to all,

Here is a link to some additional info about the lighter and the project from Bert Olton:

I hope this email finds you well!  SEE UPDATED INFO BELOW as of 12/7/2012!!!


While I do not like to use the Club email system to blast out notices of solicitation, I felt it appropriate in light of what the subject matter might mean to some of us.  It just may be relevant to some of you and I hope that it would be enough to encourage you to place an order so that the efforts do not go by the wayside.  I am talking about the proposed collectible Sailorman Jack Etched Zippo Lighter for 2012.  Have you heard?


I m not sure of how many of you are familiar with the internet discussion newsgroup alt.smokers.pipes, known as “ASP”, which caters to our beloved hobby, but each year those who help maintain the group hold a design contest for their annual collectable Zippo Lighter.  While it came close in recent years,the Sailorman Jack design has finally won and an etched design of our beloved Jack will adorn the side of the Zippo, see photo included.  I think it is a great tribute to our founding member and first President who we lost 6 years ago.   


I'm not sure who would be interested but I figure that anyone who knew Jack should be notified and at least have the opportunity to buy one.  Please feel free to forward this to anyone you think would appreciate the opportunity.  In ever use a Zippo to light my pipe but I'd be honored to add this one to my collection in honor of Jack.  I think it will complement our Jack's Chanty blend very nicely!


Now comes the hard part about all his…  The problem is that the Zippo Manufacturing Co. has now implemented a policy that requires a minimum order of 50 lighters!  So the call went out on the ASP discussion group and only 5 have responded with orders, 2 of which are mine!  So, if an order of 50 cannot be attained, the entire project will be scrapped and time is running out.  I would hate to see that happen especially because the lighter has such significance to our club, or at least to those who have been around long enough to have known Sailorman Jack.  If we can help achieve the required total,great, if not, at least I can say we tried. Besides, if it did not hold such relevance to the NY Pipe Club I would not have taken up your time today.  I appreciate your consideration and apologize for taking up your time.


If you are so moved to place an order, the man you need to contact is Burt Olton.  He is spearheading the project and taking orders.  If you would like to place an order, and since time is now of the essence, I would send Burt an email expressing your interest so that he can add you to his numbers with hopes of reaching the 50 order mark.  He will direct you from there on what to do next.


For details on how to place an order please see below but I would first contact him via email.


As per Bert Olton from alt.smokers.pipes:

Subject: 2012 Sailorman Jack ASP Zippos
Date: Thu, 15 Mar 2012 17:01:20 -0400
From: Bert Olton
Newsgroups: alt.smokers.pipes

Hello ASP!

Gotta say, I'm glad to see the Sailorman Jack lighter take its place
among the series.

I'm trying to simplify the ordering this time around (again....) so bear
with me on some of the details.

You can start ordering single lighters right away.  Pricing is listed

However, pricing for multiple lighter orders I won't be able to
calculate accurately until we get the exact cost per lighter from Zippo,
which will be in a few weeks.
  Bill's got to finalize the artwork,then
Zippo has to run that through their art and manufacturing departments, etc.

So anyway, here goes:

2012 ASP Zippo Pipe Lighter Pricing

$31.00 for shipping to U. S. addresses

For multiple lighter orders, contact me at '

To pay via PayPal, send payment to the above email address.
To pay via check or money order, email me at the above address for my
snail mail address.

Best regards to all,


So, here's hoping we can revive this project and get it back in action in honor of our late friend, Sailorman Jack.


Happy Smokes,


UPDATE  -  12/7/2012

As per Bert Olton...

Subject: 2012 Sailorman Jack  Zippo News
Date: Thu, 06 Dec 2012 21:08:40 -0500
From: Bert Olton <>
Organization: A noiseless patient Spider
Newsgroups: alt.smokers.pipes

With the infusion of Mr. Louis F. Carbone's and Randy/Captain Pegleg's
shared enthusiasm for the project, it looks like the 2012 ASP Zippo Pipe
Lighter will happen after all!

Orders to date: 25 (22 paid via PayPal, 3 coming by check).  25 more
needed for the factory minimum of 50.

Our traditional ordering deadline is midnight, December 31, so order
now, order often!

I won't have time this evening, but in the next day or so I'll post a
photo and ordering information on a page on my web site.

Basically though, one lighter shipped to U. S. addresses is $31.00.
They're more expensive this year because we had the art work etched and
filled - the longest lasting but most expensive process.  Preferred
payment method is via PayPal, sent to my email address.  If you must
however, email me for my snail mail address for sending check or money

Best regards to all,

Let's get this done folks!  Place your orders today!