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NY Pipe Club Member Bill Roberts On Pipesmagazine Radio Show

Published on 4/28/2013



And now a word from your president... 

I thought you all would appreciate knowing about this in case you have not heard.

Many of us are familiar with our friend, Kevin Godbee, whose website has quickly become the hobby's premiere site for all things pipes and tobaccos. Did you also know that each week the website provides airplay and access to what is also becoming a can't miss, or "must listen to" event, The Pipesmagazine Radio Show. The "show" is the only online radio talk / entertainment show in the world that is targeted to pipe smokers and collectors, and is hosted by our friend, Brian Levine. I highly recommend it as it is a fantastic program which you can save as a podcast and airs live each week at 8:00pm and can be downloaded or subscribed to by a host of options including iTunes, as well as many other podcast apps for your pc, mac or smartphone.

So, why am I telling you all this...? Well,Thursday, 4/18 2013's "broadcast" #31 featured one of our own! That's right, our own beloved member, Bill Roberts was the very special guest of host, Brian Levine, for an in depth interview about Bill's role and contributions to our beloved and noble hobby. Did you know that, not only is Bill a very talented writer whose works have been featured on, including a wonderful piece on the history of our club and the saga of the development of our outstanding NY Pipe Club tinned tobacco blends, which can be found here,, but was also instrumental in the final development of our wonderful pipe club blends? Also look for more of Bill's work in the next NASPC, Pipe Collector Magazine. Well, this particular Thursday's broadcast was Bill's night!

I want to encourage all of you to either tune in weekly at 8:00pm to listen live or access the show when more convenient for you via iTunes or your preferred podcast app. Please go to the link below for Bill's interview in Pipes Magazine Radio Show #31. There you can also listen or be able to subscribe to the over 30 (and counting) podcast radio broadcasts since I know that this episode will only serve to whet your appetite for more! While you are at it, why don't you also send Brian a message via's Radio Show Forum or comment on iTunes and let him know what you think.

Here is the link to Pipes Magazine Radio Show #31 featuring Bill Roberts:

NY Pipe Club Member Bill Roberts on The Pipesmagazine Radio Show 4/18/2013

Please be sure to tune in, I know that you will enjoy the show, especially Bill's interview!

Happy Smokes,