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UPDATE: International Pipe Smoking Day 2016, Come Join Your NY Pipe Club!!!

Published on 2/4/2016

The New York Pipe Club


Joins the Fellowship of Pipe Smokers Worldwide in




International Pipe Smoking Day



JR Cigar


Rt. 10, Whippany, NJ


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Please be sure to join your New York Pipe Club as we celebrate our Ninth Annual International Pipe Smoking Day (IPSD) Celebration!

Celebrated the world over officially on February 20th, our event, this year will actually take place on Saturday, February 20, 2016.  We'll be at the Monte Cristo Lounge in the early afternoon!

I've been mentioning the "Monte Cristo Lounge" because prior to their renovation and expansion, the restaurant portion of JR Cigar was called the Monte Cristo Lounge, but now, they have created a separate seating area which they call the Monte Cristo Lounge - we will NOT be in that area.
When you arrive just look around for us and you will find us.  We will either be in the restaurant or front lounge called the, Churchill Lounge, since those are the only two areas where you can eat.

This year, we change venues. After I sent the last email to you asking your opinion about two possible options for us to gather, the responses I received pointed in favor of trying a new spot, a break from the norm, and JR Cigar on Rt. 10 in Whippany, NJ is the place! I want to thank all who have responded to help in deciding upon the location for us to celebrate this year, I really appreciate it!



So, that being said...



Please join your NY Pipe Club




JR Cigar



Rt. 10 in Whippany, NJ

Early Afternoon, until...




While we will enjoy the comfort of a newly renovated lounge, I realize that it will take a bit more effort and be a bit more challenging to get there - but it will be worth it. Many of you know JR Cigar as the spot we head to after all of the NY Pipe Shows.


JR Cigar's Whippany location has undergone a complete renovation of the retail and lounge space creating a wonderful, roomy and comfortable atmosphere. If you are one of the past post NY Show revelers, then you know what JR Cigar looked like - and it was great but had very limited seating and tended to get very loud and crowded. Well, they addressed that issue in a big way. Also enjoying the face lift is the Monte Cristo Lounge, whose food and beverages are better than ever. Conveniently, drinks are served in all of the lounge spaces. Take a look at these photos of the newly created lounges:


JR Cigar, Whippany, NJ Location



Here is the Menu for the Monte Cristo Lounge:


JR Cigar Monte Cristo Lounge



We can start the day in the Monte Cristo Lounge for a bite and beverage and then if we need to or want to we can certainly move into the larger newly created lounge space where the retail store used to be. We'll play it by ear.



Please make every effort to come on out and join us and while we are there, why not show our gratitude and support of a brick and mortar shop by purchasing some of the many fine tobacco blends for sale at JR Cigar, a brand new pipe or perhaps even a fine cigar, yes, don't worry we won't be angry if you buy a cigar!



The New York Pipe Club invites all pipe smokers and those interested in the art of pipe smoking to join them in their celebration, February 20th at JR Cigar on Rt. 10, Whippany, NJ. 

We'll be at the Monte Cristo Lounge, early afternoon,
just look for us.





JR Cigar is about an hour's drive from Midtown Manhattan and approximately, (sorry), two hours by train and bus. Please don't let that discourage you! Consider that the Club usually sends about 10-12 members to the Kaywoodie Event in December which takes place in Wappingers Falls, NY - that's upstate NY to us city folk!



Maybe the "Chief", can offer some travel advice??? In any event, please don't let the travel discourage you and keep an open mind.



We can also, as we always do with handling the Kaywoodie Event travel distance, arrange for car pooling so please keep an open mind!!!



If I know whose driving from NYC I can help arrange car pooling so please call me at 347-886-9784347-886-9784 if you are driving and have room in your vehicle.



As always, I want to do what is best for the Club, which is my motivation, always! Personally speaking, I think going to JR Cigars this year is a great idea and thank you all who suggested it. However, obviously, I do not want to alienate any of our beloved Club members from being able to attend. So, please let me know if you are driving and have room in your vehicle, I would really appreciate it.



Another nice thing about having the celebration at JR Cigar is that we welcome and send an open invitation to other area Pipe Clubs, such as the Christopher Morley Club of Philadelphia and the local club, the NJ Fellowship of Pipe Smokers, who use the lounge for their monthly meetings. Obviously, it goes without saying that anyone and everyone who enjoys briar and leaf is welcome to join us in celebrating - our motto, as always is, All are Welcome!!! Spread the word!!!





From Midtown, Manhattan:


Directions To JR Cigar Rt.10 Whippany, NJ



Be sure to make plans to hoist a bowl in the name of international unity and pipe smoking brother and sisterhood! More information about IPSD is available from the website:




"On February 20th pipe smokers all around the world are celebrating International Pipe Smoking Day. On this day we will celebrate the noble art of pipe-smoking and the spirit which pervades the brotherhood and sisterhood of the briar. We will put into practice the time-honored and ancestral traditions of raising our pipes in unison to toast each other and share a bowl together."

The New York Pipe Club invites all pipe smokers and those interested in the art of pipe smoking to join them in their celebration February 20th at JR Cigar on Rt. 10 in Whippany, NJ.




So, please make every effort to come out and join us!!!




As always, please be sure to check your email for our Club Newsletter and special announcements. Also, be sure to check in often at our Club website and our Club Facebook page for more details as they become available.



Bring your pipes & tobaccos! Tobacco sharing is happily encouraged.



Invites you to join us on
Saturday, 2/20/2016


JR Cigar
Rt. 10, Whippany, New Jersey

Come for fellowship with other pipers!
Tobacco sharing encouraged!
Bring your pipes & tobaccos!


So wherever you are,

lift a bowl


join pipers around the world for IPSD!!


Members of the New York Pipe Club celebrate International Pipe Smoking Day 2015




Vern Happy IPSD

Would you like to be this happy?

Then please join us at the Ninth Annual International Pipe Smoking Day

Celebration on Saturday,

February 20, 2016

at JR Cigar, Rt. 10, Whippany, NJ.