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2017 Dr. of Pipes Award Recipient, Our Own Mr. Vernon Vig!

Published on 5/10/2017

We have good means for celebrating!!!

Doctor of Pipes Award

The most prestigious award in the world of pipes is the Doctor of Pipes award conferred at the Chicagoland International Pipe & Tobacciana Show each year, where two people, one in the Industry/Trade category and one in the Hobbyist category, are recognized for their years of dedication to and support of pipe smoking. Everyone considered for a Doctor of Pipes award has devoted at least two decades of his or her life to promoting pipe smoking and improving the pipe hobby, and each year’s Doctor of Pipes recipients are chosen by the accepted experts in the field, the previously inducted Doctors of Pipes.


The New York Pipe Club joins the entire pipe community in congratulating the newest recipient of the Doctor of Pipes award, announced at the Chicago pipe show this year, the New York Pipe Club’s own, Mr. Vernon Vig, the “Ambassador of the Pipe Community”, we thank you for your tireless work in the world wide promotion of our noble hobby.

Mr Vig Dr Award

On a personal note regarding our own Mr. Vig...

I have learned more form this man than any person in the pipe and tobacco community and, I do not only mean about pipes and tobacco. There is the highest caliber of "Gentleman" within Mr. Vig that I could only ever hope for in myself; what an example to aspire to for me! If I could be even a quarter of the caliber of Pres. to the NY Pipe Club as Mr. Vig was, I'd be so much the better for it as would our members. He's my mentor and, if the late, great Tom Dunn is the "Patron Saint", (my designation), of our community, then Mr. Vig is what I like to call the "Ambassador" of our community to the world!

There could not have been a more deserved recipient for this year's Dr. of Pipes award.  Thank you for all you have done for me (Lou), the NY Pipe Club and the community of pipe and tobacco smokers and collectors world-wide.

Congratulations, Mr. Vig, on being honored with the highly coveted "Dr. of Pipes" award at this, 2017 Chicago Pipe Show, you deserve it my friend, mentor and brother of the briar!

Mr Vig Dr Award2