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2022 Chicago Show National Slow Smoke Contest Pipe Offer!

Louis F Carbone | Published on 8/15/2022







And now aword from your president...


I hope this email finds you well!


While I do not like to use the Club email system to blast out notices of solicitation, and they are few and far between, I wanted to let you knowabout a very specialoffer that has been extended to us from our parent club, the United Pipe Clubs of America.

Couldn't make it to Chicago this year? No problem...

Kyle Bowen, beloved NYPC Club member and current President of the UPCA, has made a very special opportunity available to our club. Kyle has extended an offer for us to purchase the 2022 National Slow Smoking Contest Pipe from this year's Chicago Show! The pipe was carved by none other than the legendary, Bill Feurback of Kaywoodie Pipes!!!See below for all the details.

Act Now!!! Only 3 weeks remaining to order your pipe. The deadline is 9/01/2022!



UPCA 2022 Slow Smoke Pipe
Every year, the UPCA does its best to find quality pipes for its National Pipe Smoking Contest in Chicago. We are once again offering our contest pipes to allactiveUPCA clubs, whether you plan to hold a contest or not.

This year's contest pipe is a special sandblast billiard made by Kaywoodie. It is stamped "Shellcraft Kaywoodie" and "UPCA Chicago 2022".


We know that most members of UPCA clubs don't get a chance to fly to Chicago and participate in the National Pipe Smoking Contest. In fact, most of our clubs do not hold regional contests.

We have a limited-time offer toallactive UPCA-affiliated clubs. You don't have to host a contest to get them.
Your members can now get these pipes for $75 each!


Does your club run a slow smoke contest?$10 Discount when ordering 10 pipes or more.That brings the price down to $65 each.


Anyactiveclub can now order these pipes from us, but you must get your order to us be September 1st.

2022 UPCA Pipe 1


UPCA 2022 pipe 2

UPCA 2022 Pipe 3




Please contact your club's members by email (or at your next meeting) and gather up your orders, butplease get your orders in by September 1st.If your club sponsors a local or regional contest, please feel free to order as many as you will need, but you must pay for them in advance.

We are only accepting orders from you, our club contacts.It is up to you to collect orders from your members and collect funds. We are still not set up to take these orders online. In the meantime, please mail your check or money order to the UPCA Treasurer, Tim Garrity.The prices listed include postage.Make checks payable to UPCA. Be sure to include the name of the club and your contact information.


Send your check to:
Tim Garrity

635 Catalpa Ln.
Bartlett IL60103-5808


This offer is only for active UPCA clubs and people with individual UPCA membership.
If you have allowed your club's UPCA membership to expire, now would be a good time to renew. Simplygo to our websiteand log in. You will then be instructed on how to renew.

Kyle Bowen,
President of the United Pipe Clubs of America


Only 3 weeks remaining to order your pipe. The deadline is 9/01/2022!

Thank you once again to our good brother, Kyle and the UPCA for making this offer available to us, we appreciate it!

Happy Smokes,