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2008 Chicagoland Pipe Show results and report by Lou Carbone

Louis F Carbone | Published on 1/31/2023

2008 Chicagoland Pipe Show results and report by Lou Carbone


NYPC members shine at 2008 Chicago Pipe Smoking competition


Six members of the New York Pipe Club took part in the 6th Annual National Pipe Smoking competition held at the Chicagoland Pipe Show on May 4, 2008.  The competition, sponsored by the United Pipe Clubs of America, was held in the MegaTent outside of the exposition hall and attracted 74 competitors. 


If you have never participated in one of these contests, well, exciting just isn't the word for it.  Each contestant receives the same pipe, 3 grams of tobacco and 2 matches. Each has 5 minutes to prepare the tobacco and fill his/her pipe, then 1 minute to light the pipe using only the 2 matches. Then, they smoke. And smoke. And, hopefully, smoke some more.  The person who keeps his/her pipe lit the longest (without relighting!) wins.


More information on smoking competitions, including tips for success, international rules, and a full slate of competitors in this year's contest is available at the UPCA web site



Now we proudly present the honor roll of NYPC members who participated in this year's contest, their rankings, times, and the prizes won:








Andrei Knotko





Buckeye Pipe from Smokers Haven

Dom Anticev





Tobacco and UPCA T-Shirt

Hank Saatchi





Organic Pipe Dreams Tobacco

Peter Guss





Tobacco and UPCA T-Shirt

Allan Goldschmidt





Tobacco and UPCA T-Shirt

Lou Carbone





Tobacco and UPCA T-Shirt



And now, here's what Lou Carbone had to say about his weekend in Chicago -


Monday, May 12, 2008

Just a quick note to say that in spite of the unexpected smoking ban in the show hall (Mega Center), the Chicago Show 2008 was a huge success in my opinion.  I am happy to report that the NY Pipe Club had a strong presence with 10 or more of our members attending the show.  We had a fantastic time!


Upon arrival on Thursday, we found out that smoking, which was originally allowed in the Mega Center was now BANNED!!!  Smoking was only permitted within the 81 designated smoking rooms and in the large tent set up just outside the Mega Center.  Well, in my opinion, our loss turned out to be our greatest gain as the tent served as a focal point of social interaction unmatched as I was told, from past shows.  The tent "forced" us all into an area where we could rub elbows and get to know each other.  It did not matter if you knew no one after a few moments in the tent you had a ton of new friends.  There was something special about meeting up in the tent at days end to partake in fine conversation, shared tobaccos and stories and thorough enjoyment of each others company.  I cannot say enough about the great time I had with everyone in that tent.


The show itself was equivalent to a vast ocean of briar and tobacco; remember, my only comparison is the NY Shows.  The vendors were all friendly and I enjoyed meeting with them and spending time speaking with them.   I have not even mentioned the Thursday and Friday evening room visits where many of the vendors opened their rooms, which is customary, displaying pipes upon their beds for sale and admiration.  I had a wonderful time visiting the rooms.


The hotel was fantastic, except for the stinky tap water!!!  The restaurants were superb and the service was exemplary.  I know that I can speak for all of us NY Pipe Club members in attendance when I say that we had one hell of a terrific time.


Did I mention that I had a great time?