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NYPC International Pipe Smoking Day 2023

Louis F Carbone | Published on 2/6/2023

The New York Pipe Club

Joins the Fellowship of Pipe Smokers Worldwide in


International Pipe Smoking Day


Barclay Rex

126 Pearl St., NYC

Saturday, February 18, 2023

1:00pm - 6:00pm

Barclay Rex is asking each attendee for
which will afford you a
towards anything in the shop!
you will be entered into a
Barclay Rex Raffle
for some great prizes!

Business Casual attire is courteously requested!

Just so we can give Barclay Rex a head count, please RSVP by Feb. 13th by emailing Lou at or by replying to this email.


...please be sure to join your New York Pipe Club as we celebrate our

15th Annual
International Pipe Smoking Day (IPSD) Celebration!

Celebrated the world over officially on February 20th, our event, this year will actually take place on
Saturday, February 18, 2023
From 1:00pm - 6:00pm
We've been invited once again, to 

celebrate this year, by our good friends at Barclay Rex, owner, Mr. Vince Nastri III, his daughter,Vanessa Nastri and sales associate, Joanna Ubowska, at their wonderful, 126 Pearl St. shop. This year we will be celebrating in the shop level, right here in our own fair City! Barclay Rex is now the last family run shop in NYC. We'll be set up this year, in the shop level, at 1:00pm and we are welcome to stay until closing at 6:00pm!


That's right, this year, we once again enjoy the comforts of home - right here in our fair City! I want to thank all, specifically, our own, Dmitri Sassov and Patrick Grant who helped in securing this comfortable and splendid location for us to celebrate this year, I really appreciate it! We also thank our good friends at Barclay Rex, the last family run shop in NYC owner, Mr. Vince Nastri III, Vanessa Nastriand sales associate, Joanna Ubowska, for extending the welcome to our Club!!! We appreciate that so much!!!

So, that being said...

Please join your

NY Pipe Club


Barclay Rex

126 Pearl Street


Saturday, Feb. 18, 2023

1:00pm until 6:00pm

We will enjoy the comfort of Barclay Rex's shop located on the ground level of the shop. Many of you are already familiar with the location and know how beautiful the shop is. We cannot thank the management enough for inviting our Club to celebrate there!

The Pearl Street location has been exquisitely appointed creating a wonderful, roomy and comfortable atmosphere.

Please make every effort to come on out and join us and while we are there, why not show our gratitude, thanks and support of a brick and mortar shop by purchasing some of the many fine tobacco blends for sale at Barclay Rex, a brand new pipe, lighter orperhaps even a fine cigar, yes, don't worry we won't be angry if 

you buy a cigar! With your $25.00, collected by Barclay Rex, not only will you be entered into a fantastic Barclay Rex Raffle, conducted by Barclay Rex, any purchase will afford you a $25.00 credit!

The New York Pipe Club invites all pipe smokers and those interested in the art of pipe smoking to join them in their celebration,

Barclay Rex
126 Pearl Street, NYC.

We'll be at the Shop, by 1:00pm,

check in at the shop and then just look for us.

Just so we can give Barclay Rex a head count, please RSVP by Feb. 13th by emailing Lou at or by replying to this email.

More things to look forward to about the day...
A Selection of elusive
Germain's Esoterica Tobaccos
will be available for purchase to NY Pipe Club attendees, as well as 
Cornell & Diehl's latest Small Batch blend

-Light fare snacks will be provided exclusively by Barclay Rex for us!

-This event is also a BYOB, so please 

feel free to bring the libation of your choice!

- Barclay Rex will also be extending to us a 
20% discount on pipes and accessories!

- Barclay Rex will be conducting an exclusive 

And, as always...

We also would like to welcome and send an open invitation to other area Pipe Clubs to join us in the celebration, after all, the day is all aboutunity! So,we invite all members of the Christopher Morley Club of Philadelphia, the NJ Fellowship of Pipe Smokers, and the Hudson Valley Pipe Club and any others who can make it into Manhattan. Obviously, it goes without saying that anyone and everyone who enjoys briar and leaf is welcome to join us in celebrating - our motto, as always is,
All are Welcome!!!

Spread the word!!!

Just so we can give Barclay Rex a head count, please RSVP by Feb. 13th by emailing Lou at or by replying to this email.


Be sure to make plans to hoist a bowl in the name of international unity and pipe smoking brother and sisterhood!

"On February 20th pipe smokers all around the world are celebrating International Pipe Smoking Day. On this day we will celebrate the noble art of pipe-smoking and the spirit which pervades the brotherhood and sisterhood of the briar. We will put into practice the time-honored and ancestral traditions of raising our pipes in unison to toast each other and share a bowl together."

The New York Pipe Club invites all pipe smokers and those interested in the art of pipe smoking to join them in their celebration February 18th at Barclay Rex, 126 Pearl Street, NYC. 

So, please make every effort to come out and join us!!!

Once again...


As always, please be sure to check your email for our Club Newsletter and special announcements. Also, be sure to check in often at our Club website and our Club Facebook page for more details as they become available.

Bring your pipes & tobaccos! Tobacco sharing is happily encouraged.

Invites you to join us on
Saturday, 2/18/2023 - 1:00pm - 6:00pm

Barclay Rex
126 Pearl Street, NYC
Shop Level

Come for fellowship with other pipers!
Tobacco sharing encouraged!
Bring your pipes & tobaccos!


So wherever you are,

lift a bowl


join pipers around the world for IPSD!!



Members of the New York Pipe Club celebrate International Pipe Smoking Day 2015